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Welcome to ActiveLife Farm

The impetus for ActiveLife Farm was inspired by a love of the outdoors and a desire for wholesome home-grown food.
The farm is situated S.W of Folly Mountain in Colchester County and specializes in pastured Berkshire pork and heritage breeds of poultry.
Low bush blueberries, garlic, and a selection of trees are grown on the farm and available for purchase.

The animals are raised on pasture. They are fed a healthy natural diet, free of medications or hormones.
A pastured free-range system contributes to a healthy, stress-free lifestyle for animals and poultry which in turn leads to firm, succulent meat.

Heritage breeds of poultry and Berkshire pigs produce meat of excellent flavour and nutritional value.
A study conducted by the US National Pork Producers Council concluded that Berkshire pigs top all other breeds in such categories as meat marbling, moisture and tenderness.