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ActiveLife Farm Lamb Jacket

ActiveLife Lamb Jackets

Lambing during the winter months can be challenging, particularly for the newborns.

A couple of hours after birth, lambs may have difficulty keeping warm and may become hypothermic if there have been problems acquiring colostrum, if it's been particularly cold, or if born as a twin or triplet.

At ActiveLife Farm, we use lamb jackets for our newborn winter lambs if they need a little extra help keeping warm.

Our homemade washable jackets are easy to use, they are made of fleece with a waterproof covering, and two sets of ties ensure that the lamb stays well wrapped and comfortable (no bunching or slipping).

The jacket works wonderfully, maintaining the lamb's body temperature and shielding the lamb from wind, snow, and rain.
(Note: be sure to dry the lamb before donning the jacket, however if the lamb is beginning to shiver, it's a good idea to use the jacket as soon as possible).

A 15" jacket length has proven ideal for 8 -12 lbs lambs, but they are suitable for larger and smaller weights as well (as shown in the images below).
The main thing is to provide the lambs with warmth when they need it most.

Lamb jackets available at $15 apiece.