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Border Collies at ActiveLife Farm

There is a strong bond between shepherds and their sheep dogs.
Shepherds train their dogs to move sheep by tapping into their natural herding instinct and the training process establishes a trust between shepherd and dog that is the core of the working relationship.
As a team, one shepherd and dog can manage large flocks of sheep over great distances and difficult terrain, using nothing more than a whistle and a crook.

At ActiveLife Farm, we train border collies to gather flocks of sheep across fields, through paddocks, and over the islands of southwest Nova Scotia.
Training begins when the dogs are older than six months (starting age varies somewhat based on the dog's interest) and then the process runs for four years, all the while ensuring the dog's confidence and enjoyment.
A great sheep dog comes from good instinct and proper training; the result is a sight to behold.

The following video shows training in the round pen: