Active Life Farm

Welcome to ActiveLife Farm

ActiveLife Farm is situated southwest of Folly Mountain in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, and is home to a flock of registered North Country Cheviot sheep, heritage breeds of poultry, dairy goats for goat's milk soap and working border collies.

We also maintain a flock of Cheviot sheep on an island in southwest Nova Scotia.

The home flock of sheep are raised primarily on pasture. A pastured free-range system contributes to a healthy, stress-free lifestyle for animals. The island flock thrive on grasses, kelp and seaweed throughout the year.

Border collies are raised and trained at the farm, adhering to a traditional relationship between shepherd, sheep, and dog. They are useful for moving the home flock from pasture to pasture and essential for gathering sheep on the islands.

We offer-

  • Heritage breeds of chicks from March to September.
  • Sheepdog training lessons for border collies and their handlers
  • Registered North Country Cheviot lambs for breeding stock
  • Freezer lamb is available from autumn to springtime
  • Lamb and kid jackets can be supplied and are made to order
  • Goat’s milk soap is available year round

Tips for Raising Chicks