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Tess at Moncton Highland Games


Tess at Moncton Highland Games

Sheepdog Training at ActiveLife Farm

There is a strong bond between shepherds and their sheep dogs. Shepherds train their dogs to move sheep by tapping into their natural herding instinct and the training process establishes a trust between shepherd and dog that is the core of the working relationship. 

At ActiveLife Farm in Londonderry NS, Kevin offers herding lessons to border collies and their handlers.

Training begins when a dog is older than six months (starting age varies somewhat based on the dog's interest) and then the process runs for four years, all the while ensuring the dog's confidence and enjoyment.

A great sheep dog comes from good instinct and proper training; the result is a sight to behold.

The following videos show training in a round pen and practical farm tasks using border collies to help manage sheep:

Herding Lessons

Marked on the calendar below are scheduled training days.

A beginner lesson is typically 30-45 minutes duration, depending on the dog. The cost is $45.

Training usually takes place in a 50’ diameter round pen where both dog and sheep can be more easily managed. Through time as the dog and handler progress, training sessions move to an open field where more advanced concepts can be practised. 

Contact Kevin for further information or to schedule a lesson.

Please note- Border Collies only.

Click on event in calendar below for date and time details.

Sheepdog Training In A Round Pen

Training in a round pen

Sheepdog Training

Border Collies at work

Border Collie pup displaying early working instinct while learning from its mother