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No, the chicks are picked up from the farm.

For many chicken varieties, it is difficult to distinguish between males and females until the chicks are several weeks old. When it is not possible to accurately determine sex at time of hatching the chicks are sold “straight-run” aka not sexed.

Each straight-run chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female.

It depends on time of year, size of order, and the chickens. When you place an order we will provide an estimate of when they will be ready.

No, we do not sell eggs for hatching.

The chicks can range from 2-3 days old to approximately two weeks old. To ensure the chicks have a good start on life we watch over the newly hatched for a day or two, making sure they are happily eating, drinking, and exploring. After that they are ready to go.

Chicks feather out after three weeks so they need heat lamps for at least the first three weeks and sometimes longer during cold spells.

Not if the trip is less than a few hours. If the trip is longer you should periodically check on the chicks and provide water.

We can provide starter packs of chick feed and wood shavings.

Most of the heritage breed pullets begin laying at six-seven months of age.

Yes, some breeds have calmer temperament than others.

Yes, in most instances the breeds will co-exist peacefully, however, they should be of a similar size and age to minimize bullying.

We do not recommend this because they have different growth rates and behaviour patterns.

Yes, we will take back roosters if you are unable to keep them. However, there is no refund for returned rooster.

You have options! Heritage breeds are dual-purpose birds and at ActiveLife Farm we raise some of our excess roosters until they are large enough to process. You can do the same, or you can take your roosters to a provincially-inspected poultry abattoir for processing. Another option would be to advertise their availability on social network sites. Breeders and enthusiasts are often looking for new, quality blood-lines for their flock.

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