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Gathering the sheep on Cape Sable Island

Many of our sheep live on a
large island in southwest Nova Scotia.

Gathering NCC Ewes and Lambs

North County Cheviot's are our sheep of choice! This centuries-old breed thrives in harsh climates and rough pasture. The ewes have excellent maternal instincts, the lambs develop quickly with little fuss, and they produce good quality white short wool.

The lambs yield lean high-quality carcasses and, given their size, provide ample cuts of succulent meat.

The ewes and rams are popular cross-breed choices when selecting for strong maternal instincts, fast-growing young, intelligence, hardiness, and superior carcasses.

The good health, longevity, and independence of this breed is well suited to the Nova Scotia climate, whether on the islands of southwest Nova or the rolling hills of Londonderry.

Island Sheep:

Many of our sheep live on a large island in southwest Nova Scotia. This traditional 'paddock in the sea' provides an ideal environment for the Cheviots to live in accordance with nature and very little human interference - much as their forbearers experienced in the Scottish Highlands.

Island sheep are robust and healthy, producing lamb of excellent quality and flavour due to their unique diet of grasses, seaweed and kelp. And, thanks to the sandy island terrain, their fleece is remarkably clean and white.

In fall we usually have ewe lambs available for breeding stock.

Gathering Island Sheep Videos

Part 1 Gathering and Driving

Part II Gathering and Driving

Part III Reaching The Sheep Pen